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Ready to Discover the Digital Product Business Blueprint for Success?


Through Digital Side Hustle Academy™ you will uncover the proven strategies for rapidly launching, growing, and sustaining a profitable business without having to give up all your free time.

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Feeling As If Your Day Job Just Isn’t Cutting it?

If you’re left desiring more out of life and your finances at the end of a long day, rest assured that you’re not alone!


Let’s face it, in today’s economic conditions, it’s harder than ever to not only make a comfortable living but a living we actually love. As such, it’s only natural to seek out the right opportunities that will allow you to grow your income outside of a 9-to-5 and establish more financial freedom in the process.


In fact, you’re probably here because you identify with at least one of the following sentiments…

  • You want to make more money but don’t want to go back to school and aren’t looking for a new job.

  •  You want extra income to pay for a big expense or a better lifestyle, but you despise the idea of spending all your extra free time hustling 24/7.

  •  You can pay your bills but want extra money to enjoy life now without having to prolong your retirement.

Millions, if not tens of millions, have found themselves in this exact predicament, hungry for opportunities that will alleviate their financial struggles and allow them to live life more on their own terms.

Yet, with so many new ways to make additional income seemingly popping up every day… it’s no wonder so many are left stuck in idle, unsure of who to trust and what to pursue. 

The upside? If you’re ready to shift into drive, you’ve come to the right place…

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Introducing Digital Side Hustle Academy™
Your A to Z Guide on CRUSHING a Digital Product Business

Purposefully created to cut directly through the clutter and provide strategic, straight-to-the-point insight, Digital Side Hustle Academy will take you from A to Z on how to start and sustain a real, profitable online business. It’s years of knowledge packed into one, compact course to expedite your journey to success.

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3 Steps to Success: Here’s What You’ll Learn…


Discovering a Gold Mine Digital Product

Don’t know what to sell? No problem! You’ll receive expert guidance on how to effectively research, create, and sell products that deeply satisfy the needs of your audience. We’ll also uncover what specialized knowledge you possess to help differentiate your product and ensure it speaks to and honors your unique value.  


Creating a Must-Have Digital Product

Discover the best practices for creating your product as you nail down exactly what it needs to deliver and how this information should be laid out. At the end, you can expect to have a product so enticing your audience will be totally convinced they need it to succeed!


How to Sell Your Digital Product (Over and Over!)

You’ve got your product, now it’s time to sell it! Enjoy a simplified yet effective explanation on how to successfully market your product to your ideal customer to enjoy the highest conversion rates for the least amount of effort and time.

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Take a Look at What’s Inside


#1 - 5 Binge-Worthy Modules

Experience expert guidance every step of the way as you receive a comprehensive education on how to…

  1. Thoroughly Conduct Your Prep-Work: Discover how to cultivate an abundance mindset and set goals that push you out of your comfort zone.

  2. Hone in On Your Product: Select a profitable niche, define your ideal customer, and identify the digital product that will provide value they’d pay for.

  3. Create an Irresistible Digital Product: Receive step by step guidance on everything from outlining your initial ideas to naming and designing your product.

  4. Expertly Market Your New Business: Discover how to establish a brand online, attract a passionate and targeted audience, and build an email list of future customers – even with zero prior experience!

  5. Master the Art of Selling: Unlock the secret recipe for building a high-converting sales page and sales funnel to create a profitable, scalable, passive stream of income.


#2 - 18 Comprehensive & Easy to Digest Video Lessons

Enjoy unlimited access to 18 video lessons that will help you identify what your unique knowledge is (don’t worry, it’s there!), as well as how to smartly package it and get it in front of who needs it most for maximum conversion.


Plus FREE Bonuses to Protect and Elevate Your Business (A $297 Value)

For a limited time only, enjoy 2 free bonuses to help get your business up and running the right way and establish a competitively creative edge for your products! Get a 3rd bonus when you pay in full (an additional $147 value)!

Bonus #1 - Small Business Finances 101

As a new business owner, it is imperative that you establish a solid foundation that will ensure you are financially AND legally protected in the long run. As such, you’ll receive two bonus lessons that will walk you through how to register your business, track your spending, pay yourself, conduct business audits, and protect your business legally.

Bonus #2 - Canva Templates

Worried about the design aspect of your digital product? Don’t be! We’ve included a handful of professional and eye-catching Canva templates that will allow you to create your freebies and digital products with ease. No fancy (read: expensive) graphic designer necessary here!

Bonus #3 - Digital Product Creator Toolkit™

A bundle specifically curated to guide a beginner through brainstorming, validating, creating, and packaging a digital product that sells in 14 days or less. This workshop delivers years of education (read: trial and error) in one hour. We also included two customizable eBook templates, a 15-page workbook template, and a 30-page course/webinar slide deck. With these templates, achieve an impressive, quality design in no time.

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What You'll Learn

Module 1: Prepare to Launch Your Side Hustle

Before launching your new side hustle, you'll learn how to cultivate an abundance mindset and set goals that push you out of your comfort zone 

Module 2: Your Profitable Business

Determine a profitable niche, get clear on your ideal customer, and identify the digital product that will help them achieve their desired outcome 

Module 3: Creating a Digital Product

We'll walk step-by-step through the entire process of creating your first product, from outlining your initial ideas to naming and designing it

Module 4: Marketing Your New Business

Learn how to establish a brand online, grow a targeted audience, and build an email list full of future customers (even with zero experience!)

Module 5: The Art of Selling

We'll provide a blueprint to help you develop a high-converting sales page and sales funnel to create a profitable, scalable, passive stream of income - hello, freedom!

Bonus: Small Business Finances 101

Protect your wealth by learning how to manage your business finances, prepare for paying taxes, and keep as much cash in your pockets as possible

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Still Wondering Why YOU Should Start a Side Hustle?

Let’s face it… dropping a guaranteed paycheck can be scary, especially if you don’t have a good support system or a hefty financial cushion to fall back on. The prospect of ‘losing it all’ is what stops many people from taking any action towards starting something new.

Fortunately, you don’t have to lay it all on the line to start a business and start growing your income…

With Digital Side Hustle Academy™, we’ll show you how to monetize what you already know so that you can sell it on autopilot for minimal work and maximum earnings. We’ll also make the process easy so that you can work from home. 

Best of all? There’s NO limit to how much passive income you can make! Once you understand this process, you’ll be able to create and sell multiple digital products if you desire, even across separate niches.

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Join Digital Side Hustle Academy™ Today!

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Pay in Full


One time payment (save $64!)

  • 18 Binge-Worthy Video Lessons (with subtitles)
  • 2 Exclusive Bonuses
  • Pay in Full Bonus - Digital Product Creator Toolkit™

3 Monthly Payments


Pay today + the next 2 months

  • 18 Binge-Worthy Video Lessons (with subtitles)
  • 2 Exclusive Bonuses
  • Pay in Full Bonus - Digital Product Creator Toolkit™

Stop Relying on Your Full-Time Job Alone to Provide Your Ideal Income


If you’re not looking to get a new job, new career, or head back to school but still want to earn more money, enroll in Digital Side Hustle Academy™ to…


Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

It’s time to experience the life you deserve. Your income should be for more than simply paying the bills and paying down debt. You deserve to treat yourself and have those bucket list experiences you’ll always remember.


Enjoy More Freedom

Regardless of what your long term goals are, starting a profitable side hustle will be your gateway to more free time. From taking those extra vacations to scaling back at work or even being able to quit one day… you’ll experience how sweet it feels to have more free time.


Establish a Rock Solid Peace of Mind

Experience the life changing power of less stress as you allow the success of your side hustle to provide regular peace of mind. If you’ve been fueled by stress you’ll be amazed at the psychological and physical differences you’ll experience when you no longer have to worry about finances.

I’m Ready to Experience a Higher Quality of Life
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Meet Your Educator, Jazzy.

Hi, I’m Jazzy! And as a former serial side hustler, I’ve spent years searching for the best way to earn extra income. From starting my own dog walking business to taking jobs as a secret shopper, and even offering resume writing services… I’ve literally done it all!

However, it wasn’t until I discovered the lifechanging power behind creating my own online business that sells digital products that I understood why my previous ventures left me feeling burnt out and desiring SO much more….

Simply put? I realized that the best side hustles will never require you to trade your time for money in the long run.

The beauty of creating and selling digital products is that they require very little time and energy in the grand scheme of things. Yet, they have the ability to yield massive, unparalleled returns!

From paying off student loans and my car, to traveling the world without maxing out credit cards… selling digital products has truly changed my life.

And now? I want to pay it forward with Digital Side Hustle Academy™ to help others like you successfully build their own businesses and create and sell digital products quicker and more effectively! 

If you’re ready to finally create your own business and sell digital products for extra income, independence, and freedom, then you’ve come to the right place.

Learn Jazzy’s BEST Tips for a Successful Digital Product Business
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Who Will Benefit MOST from Digital Side Hustle Academy™

This course is for you if you…

  • Like your day job but want a side hustle for a little extra income
  • Want to create a side hustle that could become your full-time business
  • Desire extra income to travel more, save more, invest more, and get out of debt faster
  • Are looking to save time with tested and proven strategies
  • Feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to do it all by yourself
Sound Like You? If So, Let’s Get Started!

Here’s What Graduates of Digital Side Hustle Academy™ Have to Say

My business partner and I are boutique owners and were looking for a way to share our knowledge about running an ecommerce business. We got through the course in about a week and were so pleased with all of the information we learned! We are still in the process of creating our course but are so excited about the launch! DSHA is extremely helpful and we highly recommend it!

- Tanner C.

This course was a lifesaver for me at piecing together where I was doing wrong trying to sell digital products in the past. After making the necessary adjustments to my product to better honor the needs of my audience and incorporating the selling strategies I have seen a massive increase in sales! Cannot recommend it enough to all my fellow and aspiring digital content creators out there looking to make money!!!

- Vanessa H.

The course exceeded my expectation. I am more confident launching a digital product. I'm actually almost done with one and I know later down the road I'll want to do a course as well. I loved the different resources you provided and also the legal related modules towards the end were super helpful.

- Flavia C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Digital Side Hustle Academy? Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Contact Jazzy directly on Instagram and get your question answered. Or send us an email at [email protected]

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Imagine How Sweet It Would Be...

  • To earn extra money any time of day, regardless of whether you’re catching a sunset at the beach, brunching with friends, or even fast asleep in the dead of night.
  • To have the freedom to work when and where you want, allowing you to have full control of your schedule and location.
  • To stop stressing about money as you relearn what it means to truly enjoy life and live in the moment… all while helping others gain the skills and understanding they desire.



Ready to Turn Your Real Life Into Your Dream Life? If so, Then It’s Time to Get Serious!

Enroll in Digital Side Hustle Academy today to claim your step-by-step guide to help you create a scalable passive income stream with digital products. 

If you’re interested in establishing your own automated sales machine that runs 24/7, then there has never been a better time to take control of your life

I’m Ready to Change My Life Today

Ready to Turn Your Real Life Into Your Dream Life? If so, Then It’s Time to Get Serious!

Enroll in Digital Side Hustle Academy today to claim your step-by-step guide to help you create a scalable passive income stream with digital products. 

If you’re interested in establishing your own automated sales machine that runs 24/7, then there has never been a better time to take control of your life

I’m Ready to Change My Life Today