18. How to Become a Social Media Influencer with Amber Miller

The "rules" for succeeding on social media have changed (and will continue to change) as new platforms are released. What worked five years ago to grow your Instagram account may not work as well today. But don't worry. I brought social media extraordinaire and influencer Amber Miller on the podcast to share her tips for achieving massive success online. What the heck is a niche, and do I need one? What does it mean to be consistent? Do I really have to use every new feature Instagram puts out? How do I make money on social media? Amber answers these questions and so much more. Enjoy! 

Amber Miller is the CEO of Pretty as Peaches LLC — a social media marketing and digital advertising company. She is also the co-owner of Double Tap Marketing LLC, an Account Manager for Power Move Marketing, the Marketing Specialist for the City of Suffolk, Virginia, and a shareholder and marketing advisor for Armed Forces Brewing Company.

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