My Positive Natural Birth Story

SURPRISE - Baby J has arrived!! We're taking a quick break from our usual content to share my personal birth experience. Hearing positive birth stories taught me a lot about what to expect in the delivery room and how to prepare for my own unmedicated birth. In this episode, my sister joins me to share my birth story, how I prepared my body and mind to give birth naturally, and tips for how partners, friends & family can support mom postpartum. Enjoy!



- How I prepared for an unmedicated birth [06:50]
- The birth story [29:48]
- Recap of all the tools that helped during labor [01:01:21]
- Postpartum tips for moms [01:04:43]
- Postpartum tips for dads/partners [01:08:43]
- Postpartum tips for family & friends [01:15:52]



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